COTS Implementation

October 17th, 2008   •   no comments   

On the face of it, especially to the uninitiated, package based projects appear easier than the in house development approach and they can be. However, package based projects present their own difficulties (see reasons for failure) and challenges. Unless steps are taken from the outset to understand these and to put plans in place, problems will inevitably arise that could have been easily avoided if dealt with early on. Some of these problems can be exspensive in terms of cost, time and performance.

Our methodology is designed to prepare the organisation for the difficulties and challenges faced during the implementation process. The methodology addresses the following areas as well as providing document templates which can be used on their own or with PRINCE2.


  • Getting the Project Authorised and Managing Boundaries
  • Assembling the Team and Defining Roles and Responsibilities
  • Managing the Suppliers and the Contracts
  • Agreeing the Vision, Goals and Objectives
  • Reporting and Control Processes
  • Developing a Communications Strategy
  • Understanding the Product/ Package
  • Analysing and Redesigning Business Processes
  • Platform and Network Sizing
  • Systems Integration Requirements
  • Data Mapping, Cleansing and Migration
  • Security, Business Continuity and Administrator Considerations
  • Reporting Requirements
  • Testing and Acceptance Specifications
  • Selecting a Suitable Cut-Over Approach
  • Testing – System, Application, Integration, Acceptance